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China custom electric scooter supplier, High-end scooter manufacturer.


XLT group established the Kukudel brand’ electric scooter division in 2010. With many years in experiencing and excellent engineers to participate in research and development, having accomplished many outstanding inventions in the scooter field, among which suspension system is a remarkable breakthrough. As a brand new design that reverses traditional hydraulic suspension, our suspension system performs much better on shock absorption and serve longer.
When you add Kukudel to your team, you reap the rewards of one decade of experience merged with knowledge and expertise at the cutting-edge of technology. This combination allows us to offer exclusive tailor-made engineering and manufacturing solutions using all types of metals, plastics, and exotic materials, always on schedule and with excellence you can rely on.
All esteemed customers, from both GPS rental&sharing and adult commuting field, are satisfied with Kukudel scooters and comment with high appreciation. Hereby, I am extremely grateful to our customers and users for their kind supports.
Kukudel’ e-scooter and electric scooter is used in GPS rental & sharing and adult commuting field. We provide OEM service and retail in Europe, North America, Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Japan, South Korea..


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Our Milestones

2002 Established

In 2002, XLT Technology was established in Shenzhen to develop intelligent manufacturing equipment for the world’s top 500 companies in China, and achieved impressive results in the power tool industry.

2016 Transformation

In 2016, we set foot in the development of short-distance scooters and smart shared car series products. After 4 years of painstaking research, we developed a unique and non-bumpy scooter with more than 40 patents and won the favor of customers.

2019 Take root

In 2019, the scooter R&D, manufacturing and supporting department was transferred to Jiangmen and Jiangmen Company was established. In the same year, the main vehicle research and development of six models of 8.5-inch series and 10-inch series were completed.

2020 leap

In 2020, the design and development of the entire series of models will be optimized and upgraded. In October, an exhibition hall was established in Shenzhen and a business team focused on social media promotion and e-commerce platform operations was established. A warehouse center was set up in Europe to lay a solid foundation for online sales and European market development, and to provide logistics and customer service. Strong guarantee.

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As an expert manufacturer of electric scooters, Kukudel has accumulated nearly two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing field.We offer various cooperation methods to our partners, such as brand marketing & distribution, OEM labeling, ODM designing & development, and patent authorization.