Custom electric scooter manufacturing supplier

Process Of Customization:

Color and Logo

In addition to our standard colors, we can also supply customer-specific colors and logo to build your own brand image.

Scooter Body

The body of a scooter is mainly composed of frame and stem.Our scooter frame is commonly made of aluminum alloy or steel. Aluminum alloy frame is featured by light weight and high precision after being modularized, while the steel frame has higher load bearing capacity and better anti-deformation property which is more suited to be used for shared scooters.Stem material is generally aluminum alloy which is characterized by light weight and good processability. We can also use steel to produce stem for lowering your cost.


We can currently offer 3 wheel sizes: 8 inch, 8.5 inch and 10 inch;8 inch wheel: with 250W motor, lighter weight and longer range travel;8.5 inch wheel: with 350W motor, explosion proof honeycomb tire;10 inch wheel: with 500W motor, strong power, high speed and good stability;Other sizes are customizable per your specific needs.

Battery Pack

We mainly have two types of battery pack, both adopt automotive power grade 18650 battery.Plastic housing battery pack: particularly suitable for personal e-scooter where waterproofing is not highly required;Aluminum housing battery pack: IP67 rating, suitable for shared scooters;Voltage options: 36V/7.5Ah, 36V/10Ah, 36V/12.5Ah, 36V/15Ah, etc.